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How to play Snake on Android and computers

We give you many alternatives to play the legendary Nokia Snake both from Android and from computers without having a mobile phone of this brand,

This Mobile World Congress is being filled not only with news and innovations, but also with returns. Nokia's return to smartphones is accompanied by a new Nokia 3310 and the return of the snake game. But, although the price of this Nokia is very low, it is not necessary that you buy one.

Snake renewed on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger includes the Snake game

Nokia has prepared a copy renewed of the snake game of the original Nokia 3310 for Facebook Messenger. You can play it from your mobile and from your computer with a design that emulates the mythical brick-telephone of the Finnish company.

The classic snake game is about handle a small snake to eat throughout the area available. Once you eat, you earn points and it gets bigger. Your goal is to make the snake grow as large as possible without hitting a wall or that the snake bumps into itself.

In this new version, with not so pixelated graphics, you can choose the speed of the snake and unlock snake aspects while you play Of course, it is Facebook Messenger, so you can share your scores with your friends on Facebook.

To access the game you must search within Messenger for "Snake" which is what it is called.

Snake Rewind Because we already had Snake on Android

The creator of the original Snake has also created a Snake for Android

It turns out that snake fever was with us not long ago. It was when the game Snake Rewind appeared on Android, the snake game completely renovated and created not by Nokia, but by the same developer, Taneli Armanto.

In this classic adapted to smartphones we will have levels with different designs, music, power-ups and everything we can want from a casual game today.

Or we can also opt for the classic

An application that lets you play classic Snake

If we want to play it as it was It costs us the same for not having a physical keyboard, but we can try any of the copies of the original Snake in Google Play. Applications that keep the essence 100% in both design and playability of the Snake.

You have from those who have adapted to the large screen of a smartphone to those who play with the design of a Nokia 3310 on the screen.