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Facebook's plan to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger could be blocked

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The plans of Facebook to integrate their other platforms in the same service Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger so that users can communicate with each other with other users, it seems that they will not come to fruition.

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission, for its acronym in English) seeks to prevent it for fear of monopoly that was formed and the impossibility of being able to distinguish one from another, as the newspaper reveals The Wall Street Journal

Several months ago as I had revealed The New York Times it was known that Facebook intended to unify its platforms, but they could be blocked by the FTC through a judicial resolution, which should have the favorable vote of at least three of the five commissioners.

There is not

publication will have tried to obtain statements from the parties, but both
They have refused to discuss the issue of this possible WhatsApp merger,
Instagram and Messenger to be able, among other things, to offer encrypted messages
from end to end on these platforms, as until now only offered on WhatsApp.

possible intentions

For the experts, This unification will also aim to make the management of your advertising easier from the same place, in addition to hiding in plain sight that the growth of WhatsApp and Instagram is greater than that of the other two platforms.

What does seem clear, in any case, is that during this year we have been working to achieve this unification as indicated in August Bloomberg, half when he explained that he was already working on the redesign of the Instagram chat, in order to adapt it to Messenger, so that the users of both platforms could communicate with each other interchangeably.

If the blockade mentioned in the WSJ, it will be a blow to Facebook's plans and the property platforms involved.