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Epic Games wants to distribute Fortnite in the Play Store with special conditions


Android users had to wait more than 3 months since the launch of Fortnite on iOS, in order to play this well-known battle royale. But against all odds did not do it through the Google Play Store, but through its own web page, forcing users to enable the installation of unknown sources.

The reason was none other than save the 30% that Google stays of all app and game purchases and in-app purchases. This percentage is the same that Apple stays through the App Store, a store that Epic Games cannot skip on this platform if it wants to be available as it is the only way to install the game on iOS devices.

As we can read in 9to5Google, Epic Games plans to send the Fortnite game for review and that it may be available in the Google Play Store, but with an important difference, since it would continue to use its payment platform, instead of the one offered Google for any type of purchases within this platform. Unless both companies have reached an agreement, most likely, Epic Games will not be available in the Play Store.


According to various sources from Google, the search giant has no intention of reaching an agreement with Epic Games to reduce the percentage that remains of each purchase since it wants that all the companies must compete in equal conditions. The first version of the Epic Games installer for Android had a major security flaw that allowed hackers to install malicious applications remotely.

In addition, this method open the doors for phishing attacks and other schemes that pretend to deceive end users and think they are on the official Epic Games website and download malicious software on the device.


Fortnite store on iOS

The only solution for Epic Games is to use the same tactic as in the Apple App Store: raise the prices of turkeys. While buying the same number of turkeys both in the PlayStation and in the PC version it has the same price, in the version available for iPhone and iPad it is more expensive, depending on the total amount of turkeys that we are going to buy, as well as the different packs that the game regularly offers.

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