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Draw constellations for a white fox to recover its puppy

The proposal of Stellar Fox, a puzzle game, takes us to space, where we must draw constellations to overcome obstacles.

Some of the best games that we can enjoy on our phones are not those that succeed the most or what have the best graphics. They are the most intimate that offer a relaxed and peaceful experience with elegant graphics.

Many of those games are concentrated in a category that is rather broad, that of the puzzle games, which encompasses proposals as different as Stack, Monument Valley or the game we are talking about today, Stellar Fox.

Draw constellations for a white fox to recover its puppy

In this proposal we will face different phases in which we will have to make the fox reach its breeding. For that we can draw on the screen small bridges that will allow to overcome cliffs and obstacles.

Graphics and music create an impressive atmosphere

The graphics are very beautiful and elegant and the music accompanies perfectly to create a unique experience. Also in the near future the game will implement a level creator so that we can play our own phases.

Draw constellations for a white fox to recover its puppy

Sliding between the stars

We will have two tools. The main one is the one that allows us to draw and a high school will allow us delete elements that appear at the beginning of each level. Among the first there are two types, the white ones that simply let the fox roll, and the blue ones, which makes it move to the right.

This makes us basically use white to go down and blue to go up. The complexity at the beginning is not much but as we move forward we do notice that it rises a lot.