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Atari's new cap will hit the market

Surely you will be aware that after 24 long years of absence Atari is back in the market again, presenting its new video game console, but that is not all since they do not agree with just taking out a new console also the creators of Atari decided to take out in the light an authentic and novel cap.

It is estimated that Atari will use his name to be presenting various types of merchandise both useful and also some that will not make any sense.

Atari is willing to present his new cap with a style similar to those of baseball. The Atari cap will have the company logo printed as such, under the vsera it will integrate two speakers that will be connected via Bluetooth via a mobile device.

Atari the pioneer video game industry will be part of the Atari Connected Life sub-brand, who will be in charge of the launch of the new cap, which does not have a fixed price even as its release date is also ignored.

Do you think the Atari cap is a novelty for users?

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