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Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker test with clock

Smart speaker Amazon Echo Dot what includes clock, is a model that offers an identical design to the third generation but does not include an LED display. Compatible with Alexa, we show what is the most interesting thing to know about this device that, the truth, we believe is the most recommendable for home.

As we have mentioned, the great difference that this model offers is the inclusion of a panel that shows information, such as the time it is or the temperature outside the house. This item, which is located behind the cloth which is part of the Amazon Echo Dot finish looks much better than you might think (and, this, to a large extent, is achieved because the brightness is possible to manage it automatically since some sensors adjust it to the needs at each moment detecting the existing luminosity). Therefore, no, it does not bother sleeping. Although we are facing a simple addition, we believe that it fully justifies that this model is ten euros more expensive than the basic one without LED.

Image; Amazon Echo Dot LED

Aesthetically the smart speaker has seemed an attractive accessory, since it fits perfectly in the Palm of the hand and, therefore, it can be placed practically anywhere in the house (something in which it favors that it is circular and that its height is not high since its dimensions are 43 x 99 x 99 mm) The upper part is finished in plastic of great resistance and in this place there are four direct use buttons that allow from the management of the volume until the speaker does not record what is said, which ensures great privacy.

The central area of ??the Amazon Echo Dot has a shot at cloth that give an attractive and striking touch at the same time. This does not dance anything when holding the speaker, so there is clearly quality in the finishing of the device. The bottom has a rubber dug that offers a surprisingly good grip and allows it to not slip on any type of surface (such as wood or glass). Note that in the rear there is a small gap in which is the power outlet and an output of 3.5 millimeters that allows connecting other speakers.

Amazon Echo Dot speaker finish

Alexa, one of the stars of the Amazon Echo Dot

Like the rest of the components of this product range of the online store, you have full access to the voice assistant of the company led by Jeff Bezos. We have verified that the use is perfect, which is achieved due to the good sensitivity of the microphones that thanks to their sensitivity clearly detect the commands from several meters. This is an excellent detail.

Amazon Echo Dot speaker in hand

The case is that with the Amazon Echo Dot it is possible from manage what the different devices you have at home do and that they are compatible (such as smart light bulbs) until the beginning of the music player directly. This, to achieve this, simply say the command "Alexa" followed by the order in question. The truth is that everything is comfortable and, thanks to the Skills -Functions added even from third parties. They are compatible with this speaker, excellent utility.

Important to comment that the installation we have done of the speaker is excellent for two reasons: simplicity and extensive options. When installing the Alexa application On the smartphone (either iOS or Android) a guided process is executed where it is necessary to have access to a WiFi network in which the speaker is detected effectively and options such as where to be located and the different ones are specified voices that will be recognized. The truth is that the work is good, since any independent of the knowledge they have may have placed the Amazon Echo Dot in a matter of a few minutes – in addition, the development, offers many possibilities of management, since it even allows to combine several similar models So get stereo sound.

Sound and other important details

If you wonder about the sound quality, the test we have done of the Amazon Echo Dot with clock, we have discovered a good definition in global with a power We believe that it is solvent even in rooms that exceed 20 square meters but in large rooms the sound is a bit lost and it is advisable to decide on a superior model, such as Amazon Echo. The bass sounds better than expected, although the media suffer a little in general lines – which sometimes means that instruments are not differentiated when listening to music, for example. Of course, he has convinced us as a multi-purpose accessory.

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We have tested the use of the 3.5 mm output with additional speakers, and the truth is that the operation is simple and effective, since it is even possible to use more powerful models with good results. In addition, we have not encountered problems with the use of Bluetooth -with A2DP- or streaming services Thanks to the inclusion of WiFi it is completely possible. All correct and simple.

Amazon Echo Dot speaker connections

Conclusions when using the Amazon Echo Dot with clock

Well, the truth is that we think that this smart speaker for the price it has it's pretty good, offers the most positive user experience, with many possibilities thanks to the voice assistant Alexa. In addition, it is very simple to perform all kinds of actions with the voice and, also, in what has to do with the configuration of the application that is used from mobile devices. The truth is that a good job has been done with this model, which also includes a LED for the clock that justifies It costs a little more than the model without this element.

Amazon Echo Dot speaker buttons

The sound responds in a solvent manner, but do not expect Hi-Fi (which is not its purpose, on the other hand), and in question of compatibility and use of all types of sound sources everything I need is offered, It is a Accessory for existing connected homes or what you have in mind to convert. Better than Google Home Mini? The truth is that we believe that the Amazon Echo Dot is a little above because it offers some more functionalities and a somewhat higher use.