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All BMW cars that will have Android Auto in 2020

Android Auto BWM

Android Auto has become a very popular system for cars and is increasingly in demand. Nonetheless, BMW had no plans to sell their cars with Android Auto incorporated, but this just changed drastically.

The news is completely official, BMW announced that Auto begin to integrate cars in July 2020. So it is only a matter of time before the system formally makes its presentation in a car of the German company.

BMW wants to go a little further with Android Auto

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German car manufacturers not only want to offer Android Auto to the consumer, they also want to provide a better user experience. That is why cars will have the possibility to use Android Auto wirelessly. This means that the information and entertainment options inside the car can be used without the need for users to connect physically with their USB cable.

The version of Android Auto that BMW cars will have will be the 7.0 and integrate with the software iDrive and the hardware "Live Cockpit Professional”(Touch screens).

What models can enjoy Auto?

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So far, the cars that will have Android Auto in 2020 They are as follows:

  • Sedan Series 3.
  • Sedan Series 5.
  • Sedan Series 7.
  • Sedan Series 8.
  • SUV X3.
  • SUV X5.
  • SUV X6.
  • SUV X7.

Those are the cars that BWM has announced but, of course, the list may be extended in the future. Something very important that the German company has made known is that the phones that will be compatible with Android Wireless Auto will be those belonging to Google and Samsung. Also, this may change at some time.

Why did BMW take so long to incorporate Android Auto?

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At this point the company was very clear in its explanation. A BMW spokesman said that most of BMW users had Apple phones. Therefore they only focused on integrating the Apple CarPlay service in cars. But now the landscape is changing and many BMW customers have expressed that they would like to have Android Auto in the near future.

Due to the opinion and demand of its consumersBMW decided integrate Auto as soon as possible in cars and that is why they have made the official announcement.

Do you think Android Auto continue to expand within the automotive market?, manage to succeed in BMW cars?

Source | The verge