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Actions to guarantee your social media marketing strategy

Social Media Marketing predictions for 2020 that you should not lose sight of

Social networks represent one of the most dynamic points of convergence for advertising creativity and marketing, since they are constantly evolving and new offers and solutions frequently arise around you.

And, in addition to the possibility of generating coexistence between people through different platforms that arise and develop, they are spaces in which brands can generate promotion actions and can also be placed to have a presence through different types of contents that are not necessarily advertising guidelines.

Statista figures indicate that by 2019 there are around 64.1 million social network users in Mexico. The same source indicates that as of April 2019, the most popular social network in Mexico was Facebook, with 99 percent of social network users surveyed claiming to use the platform. WhatsApp ranked second with 93 percent of respondents who use the messenger application.

Given its great penetration and usability possibilities, among other multiple utilities that can be conferred on them, social networks represent a fundamental element in digital marketing techniques.

To enhance the reach of digital marketing in your social networks, follow these eight infallible tips to enhance your marketing strategies through social networks.

Start at once It is only a matter of opening your accounts and placing the contact details of your project in each one. It's about starting as soon as possible.

Make constant publications To give continuity to your project, make publications at least 3 to 5 times per week, thereby not losing visibility and being able to integrate into the virtual community.

Choose content from your sector If marketing is your thing, publish about marketing, if you are a designer, do it about design. You know the sector in which you specialize and what content will be of interest.

Post for all your followers Think about your followers and, although your content may be specialized, you should write as if you were speaking to a larger public, you never know who you read and follow.

Publish varied content You use different formats to achieve more dynamism: blog, video, photography, articles of interest on your website. It's about not boring your users.

Do not post just about your products and brand Only publish promotions do not increase the amount of visibility or interactions. It prevents users from getting bored and offers interesting, varied and fun content.

Transmit the ideals and style of your company or brand If you manage your brand's social networks, post its essence in specific messages. If someone else does, explain exactly what are the contents you want to publish.

S clear and authentic Keep the community interested and make it grow every day with clear and timely messages, original and impact material that describes your essence.