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Acer presents its Predator line with tablet, laptops and gamers monitors

The gaming world has made itself felt in the hands of Acer in IFA 2015; and shows it, is what the Chinese leader has presented at the German gala: Predator, a new line for more players that includes everything from desktops, laptops, tablets, monitors, to different peripherals; and in the future, LAN party projectors, smartphones optimized for that sector with virtual surround sound and touch response.

Spokesmen of the company have reported that the renewed Acer Predator gaming series It represents the company's passion and commitment to this market that is growing at an unstoppable pace.

In that regard, informants have emphasized that Acer has been engaged in the eSports sector since 2009 and supports TeamAcer, its team of 30 professional eSports players. According to the Open Gaming Alliance, the video game market is expected to grow from 26 billion in 2014 to 35 billion in 2018, they said.

The renewed Acer Predator line of gaming products was designed to offer a fully satisfying gaming experience both in performance and in design for players who demand the best equipment.

Acer Predator 17 and Acer Predator 15 notebooks

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<p>They have 6-core Intel Core i7-6700HQ processors, NVIDIA GeForce GTX980 graphics card, up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM and an NVMe PCIe SSDs with 512GB. In addition, they have Killer DoubleShot Pro that allows Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections to work together for higher speeds.</p>
<p>Added to this, these laptops –<strong>available at EMEA in November with prices starting at 1,599 euros for Predator 15 and 1,799 euros for Predator 17</strong>– They incorporate a unique design with three Predator FrostCore fans to dissipate heat and keep the equipment running cold and quiet.</p>
<p>It is worth mentioning that these copies include the Acer PredatorSense gaming control panel, which allows players to customize the keyboard light and other functions thanks to programmable keys. And on the other hand, the Plus Predator SoundPound that offers the combination of promising audio functionalities that include up to four built-in speakers and two subwoofers for 12 watts of sharp and rich bass sound.</p>
<p>The Predator 15 line features models equipped with a 15.6-inch Full HD or 4k (3840 × 2160) screen; while that of Predator 17 laptops, a 17.3-inch screen. Both support up to three screens including an NVIDIA G-SYNC monitor.</p>
<h2>Acer Predator 8 GT-810 Tablet</h2>
<p>It comes in polished aluminum, with 8.7mm thickness and a weight of 350 grams. It has Intel Atom x7-z8700 processors with Intel HD Graphics (Gen 8 LP) graphics, Android 5.1, 2 × 2 MIMO wireless technology, high quality Full HD display (1920 x 1200) and up to 64GB of expandable internal storage via microSD cards Up to 128GB.</p>
<p>Also, this new Acer tablet –<strong>available at EMEA in October, with prices starting at 349 euros</strong>– it has Predator Quadio technology that includes four front speakers with virtual surround sound protected with a red stainless steel grid; Predator TacSense, which improves the experience with tactile feedback; and Zero Air Gap technologies for better color saturation and Predator ColorBlast that provides the same high quality color as professional monitors, supporting 100% of the NTSC range colors.</p>
<p>On the other hand, the Predator 8 GT-810 that <strong>include Asphalt 8 installed and 320,000 credits for this game, valued at about $ 50, approximately</strong>– It is equipped with Predator MediaMaster, an exclusive application of Acer that allows the audio and video settings to be customized for different uses: standard mode, album mode, movie mode or game mode. As for accessories for this tablet, Acer offer cases, covers, a stylus, travel adapters, a SlimPort dongle and gaming headphones.</p>
<h2>Acer Predator G6 and Acer Predator G3 desktop PCs</h2>
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