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8 best ebook readers you can buy this year

Moving from physical books to electronic books can be a bit daunting at first, but once you take the step, there is no going back. If you are a vivid book reader, you will know that having your books on the move really adds to the reading experience. However, the reading experience on a smart phone or tablet is not the easiest to use and, if you really take your books seriously, you should buy an e-book reader immediately.

We all know that the electronic reader market seizes the Amazon Kindle line, but there are also some other electronic readers that also deserve a look. In addition, it can be a bit difficult to choose among all Kindle devices. So, Here is our list of the best e-book readers you can buy:

1. Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite may not be the most powerful or different Kindle, but it is without a doubt the most economical electronic reader and that is what makes it the best selling Kindle. The latest version of Kindle Paperwhite brings a 6-inch (1440 x 1080p; 300 ppi) high-resolution Letter E-Ink backlit display, which is the same beautiful screen used in the high-end Kindle Voyage.

The device has 4 GB of storage (plus Amazon's free cloud storage), a battery that works for weeks and is available in the usual WiFi version, as well as in a WiFi + 3G version. In addition, who can forget that the Amazon ecosystem remains well ahead of the competition.

Purchase : (from $ 119.99)

2. Kindle Oasis

The recently launched Kindle Oasis electronic reader can be expensive, but it is also the best Amazon Kindle to date . The device has a thin design (3, 4 mm at its thinnest point) and light (131 grams) and offers the best screen we have seen in an e-reader. While the screen size and resolution remain the same at 6 inches (1440 x 1080p; 300 ppi), there are 10 LEDs that illuminate the screen, which compensates for an incredible experience. In addition, Oasis features physical page rotation buttons along with the usual touch screen controls.

The device includes 4 GB of storage and has 2 weeks of battery backup alone, but the included leather charging cover increases the useful life of the battery up to 9 weeks. So, basically you have months of battery life on the device. Like other Kindles (except the basic version), the Kindle Oasis is available in both WiFi and WiFi + 3G.

Purchase : (from $ 289.99)

3. Kobo Glo HD

You may not have heard of Kobo, but trust us when we say that Kobo e-readers are gaining popularity slowly and steadily. Kobo has a line of electronic readers very similar to Amazon and its Glo HD is what Paperwhite is for Kindle. The Kobo Glo HD features a 6-inch E-Ink Letter display (1430 x 1080p; 300 ppi), which has an adjustable backlight for better optimization at night. Other specifications include 4 GB of storage, WiFi connectivity and a solid but slim design.

In general, Kobo e-readers may not have an extensive catalog like Amazon or Nook, but their software customization, support for file formats such as cmz, cmr (cmics) It becomes an interesting proposal for buyers.

Purchase : ($ 129.99)