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12 powerful images describing the Hong Kong umbrella revolution

With the lights filling the atmosphere that makes the moon feel a little less lonely, the people of Hong Kong are making a great effort to restore faith in the country system that has completely disappointed people. Be it the hard periods of rain or the sun always so hot, nothing is putting out the protests of people who have umbrellas for their rescue. They are everywhere and also your umbrella. So much so, that social networks have already called it the Umbrella Revolution.

What is Umbrella Revolution?

This protest began to take shape in people's heads about two years ago, when the Chief Executive of the country CY Leung began to abuse his power. Not only did he ignore the interest of the people of Hong Kong, but he began to see himself as the man of Pekn. The people of the country could not stand it anymore and decided to have a democratically elected Executive Director since the current one did not resign.

After much protest, the people of Hong Kong had the opportunity to have universal suffrage (democratically elect their own Executive Director) in 2017.

Then a couple of months before; In August 2014, the current government (mostly Pekn elites) imposed new restrictions. They were: – (a) The Elections Committee of 1200 people will still have the power to nominate the candidates of the Chief Executive (b) The person to be nominated must have half the support of the members of the electoral committee (c) The maximum number of candidates to be nominated can be only three

Therefore, in simple terms, the people of Hong Kong are being made to look silly, as politics has gained primary importance for the current government. Not only is it democratic, but a false electoral procedure will be the best way to put the situation.

Here are some photos that describe Umbrella Revolution really well.