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What cheap tablets to buy? The best options from only 60 euros


What cheap tablets to buy? The best options from only 60 euros

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April 10, 2016

Last summer we brought you a complete guide with basic recommendations to help you when choosing cheap tablets, trying to avoid spending even one euro more than necessary, but without staying with a device of such low quality that we can barely take advantage of it. The advice we gave you then is still valid now, but in these months we have met a few new tablets of excellent quality / price ratio, at the same time that some models that would have been a good option have disappeared from the shelves, so it is necessary to redo the list with the best options. We leave you a selection with what we think are the 5 most interesting models, always depending on the size that interests us.

7 inch tablets

New Fire: 60 euros

If a 7-inch tablet is enough for us and what we want is to spend as little as possible, without a doubt the best option we have right now is Amazon's New Fire: Unless we give a spectacular offer, it is impossible that for the 60 euros that this tablet costs we find another device, no longer better, but simply worth buying. The resolution is a bit low (1024 x 600) but it is difficult to get more even with double the budget and the camera is very just but it is not something too important on a tablet. The fundamental thing, in any case, is that it is a solid and fluid tablet, something that may seem basic but that we will rarely find in a device of this price.

fire tablet 60 euros

Lenovo TAB3 Essential: 100 euros

If we have a little more budget, some more interesting options open to us, including Lenovo Tab3 Essential, the latest low-cost model of the Chinese company, one of the most traditional brands in this field and which we can rely on the most. If we look at the technical specifications, in any case, we will see that we do not go much further than what the New Fire offers us, with resolution 1024 x 600processor Mediatek, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage capacity (expandable via micro-SD). However, if we want to get rid of Amazon advertising and / or prefer to have a tablet with Android As an operating system, it may be worth the extra investment.

Lenovo Tab3 7

Iconia One 7: 100 euros

One of the few names that remain in this type of lists despite the passage of time is the Iconia One 7, whose different generations have managed to maintain the fantastic quality / price ratio that from the first moment made it an essential reference for low-cost tablets. As regards its characteristics, together we remain in the same line as with the previous ones (resolution 1024 x 600processor Mediatek, 1 GB RAM, but it is interesting to note that we can find it in some distributors even for just under 100 euros even with 16 GB of ROM memory.

Acer Iconia One colors

ZenPad 7: 100 euros

Asus is another of the names that we will normally find in a selection of cheap tablets, before with their Memo Pad and now with their new ZenPad. What distinguishes them from the old model and its competitors? Probably what makes them stand out is its design, quite stylized and elegant for a device with these characteristics, but it can also justify the difference in price the fact that its processor is not a Mediatek, but an Intel. The rest, in any case, is quite similar to what other models in this price range offer us: 7-inch screen with resolution 1024 x 600, 1 GB of RAM and, yes, 16 GB Internal memory (expandable via micro-SD).

Asus ZenPad 7 colors