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truly wireless on a budget

The truly wireless headphones have been one of my favorite creations in the "technological" space in recent years. We have seen smaller independent companies that bring them to the markets, but lately, even some big names like Apple, Samsung, Bose, etc. They have started to participate in this game with their own version of headphones with unique features to offer a superior experience. That goes beyond audio quality. However, if you're curious to make a transition to the true wireless world of headphones without breaking your bank, then ESR's truly wireless headphones with an initial price of $ 50 (~ 3,500 INR) should definitely be on your list.

Having said that, here's the thing with really wireless headphones: there are many things to consider before making a purchase decision here. For me, personally, they should have at least some of the critical criteria in this relatively new category. They should have a good and comfortable fit; They should sound good, they should have a reliable connection and a long-lasting battery. So, ESR's truly wireless headphones mark each box? Well, let's find out.

What's in the box

As soon as you open the box, see some documents that explain how to use your headphones. Other than that, see the charging case, some additional ear tips and headphones . Anyway, here is everything you have inside the box:

  • The truly wireless ESR headphones.
  • Portable charging case
  • A MicroUSB charging cable
  • Additional ear tips (variable size)
  • Travel bag
  • User manual

Design and build

You should ask yourself why you did not mention the design as one of the above critical criteria. Well, that's because most wireless headphones don't really impress me when it comes to design. Having said that, I think the ESR pair looks discreet and low profile when compared to something similar to Apple AirPods (11,999 INR) or Bose SoundSport Free (21,999 INR) that protrude from your ears to a point where they are immediately noticeable.

We have the black variant of ESR's truly wireless headphones, but there is also a white variant that I think will look just as good. They are made of plastic, which works perfectly well. But having more metal to the touch or even a rubber coating to give it some texture would have been good. But I like the way the headphones feel when they put them on. However, it is worth noting that these headphones They do not come with any IP certification, which makes me believe that it offers no protection against dust or water at all. But, if you want to wrap everything, you get a carrying bag to protect it from rains, etc.

The headphones are magnetically held inside the cargo box, so do not end up losing any of the headphones while keeping them inside the box. He Case is quite small and I love the fact that it does not have a clam style design . However, the cylindrical shape does not allow it to be carried in your pocket, so you may have to put it in your backpack.

ESR headphones have buttons with which you can do things like control music, receive calls, etc. I like how ESR has retained the buttons instead of offering some touch controls. Yes, it may be due to the associated cost, but personally I prefer the physical buttons instead of the delicate touch controls any day of the week. More on that later in this review.

In general, he will say that ESR has done a commendable job when it comes to design. They are subtle and seem relatively normal. In addition, they do not stick strangely far from your ears or have long stems.

Comfort and fit

Although ESR headphones are slightly larger than wired internal headphones, they are not heavy. They feel comfortable and pleasant, even if you have them sitting in your ears for long hours. In addition, as mentioned above, the headphones are accompanied by a lot of additional ear tips. I liked how they sit the tips of the ears on my ears, but I prefer to use the Comply foam tips, which are also included in the box.

Comply foam tips, as we all know, They provide excellent noise isolation by providing a perfect fit. Even with the medium-sized silicone tips, the headphones remained firm and never moved. It all comes down to finding a good fit, therefore, your experience may vary. The headphones, however, do not come with ear hooks. It is not a decisive factor for me personally. In fact, I hate ear hooks because they keep bothering me and make me aware of having something in my ears. You can read my colleague Akshay's review about the Mivi ThunderBeats Bluetooth headset, to know exactly what I am talking about.

Now, in case you wonder if you can use the truly wireless ESR headphones for the gym to train, it will say that you will be perfectly fine doing that. I mean, you won't have to worry about dropping the headphones while running or pushing heavy weights, but you may have to be careful that sweat penetrates the headphones. They are not waterproof, remember?