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This new mod of GTA V takes us to space

One of the saga of video games best known for its possibilities isGrand Theft Auto,because it is common to find a lot of codes that once they are introduced you can unlock some car or helicopter with which we can commit crimes.

The game enjoys a large community of players, which some usually have new ideas for the game. The mods created by this community can cause the game to change in reference to its original appearance, such as our character being Ironman or Hulk. Well, in this way a new mod has seen the light, which will allow ustravel to the space,and include four new missions,shuttle and lunar vehicles, zero gravity, interstellar trips and reality-based mechanics,which is a complete experience for this video game that turns 4 in the month of September.

This is the official description of the mod:

The Earth has been alone in the galaxy from the moment it was created, but far, far away from there, in another galaxy, there is intelligent life that has been watching its population for a millennium. And it is not the kind of friendly life we ​​would like to believe. The NASA research team has found remains of an alien ship scattered around San Andreas. We never believe that these intelligent life forms will reach our planet, but they are arriving and not on our side. Your mission is to end that alien crap before they do.

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