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The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will have an ultra-thin glass folding screen »ERdC

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will have an ultra-thin glass folding screen

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Samsung He was one of the first smartphone manufacturers to launch a device commercially foldable in the market. Not for nothing the giant of South Korea has always been the main driver of this type of screens for a long time. The Galaxy Fold had a difficult start due to problems on the screens of the first units that fell to analysts. However, the company managed to get ahead solving the problems found, and finally in a new availability made the product a success. Now, as reported, the South Korean tech giant is preparing for the launch of the successor, Galaxy Fold 2. Reports on this folding smartphone indicate that arrive with an ultra thin glass screen. The original Samsung Galaxy Fold hit the market with a flexible polymer screen.

Samsung registers ultra thin glass (UTG) for the Galaxy Fold 2

Previously, it was reported that Samsung signed an agreement with another South Korean company to supply the first UTG screens (how will you know this ultra crystal thin). Now it has been confirmed that this is the case. The company has already submitted a Registered trademark for the name ?Ultra Thin Glass?.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

This movement comes after the disaster that had initially affected Galaxy Fold devices. One of the main problems was that people removed the polyamide film on the flexible panel thinking that it was a simple protector, when it was integral part of the screen. The process of removing the sheet gives the screen; Thus, glass is a much better alternative. Using glass also gives additional resistance and avoid accidental cracks in the panel.

He is expected to UTG crystal is in the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 phone. This being thinner than 100 microns or even 30 microns. In other words, be sper thin with a width similar to human hair. It also makes the phone considerably more scratch resistant. However, the drawback is that it is difficult to produce and more expensive than the previous screen.

According to the reports, Samsung wants to increase the production of foldable phones this year. The company wants to produce in the range 5 to 6 million units for the market. It is expected that most of these are the Galaxy Fold 2 with the new UTG screen. Dowoo Insys is the South Korean provider of the new screen and Samsung has already invested approximately 10 million dollars for the expansion of its annual manufacturing capacity, which is currently 500,000 units.


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