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The PS4 premieres several titles in this month of August

For some years now, technology in the world of digital entertainment has been growing significantly, we have seen televisions with very good resolutions, sound systems that we would not have imagined before, but today we are not going to talk about that, this time it is turn to give prominence to video game consoles.

That's right, video game consoles have had quite significant growth and one of the most loved by consumers is the PS4, which throughout the time it has been in the market has become the console par excellence of several Gaming’s, that is why we can enjoy great titles in it. Speaking of the games that are now available we are going to present some of the premieres that will be sold for this console in the month of August.

  • Batman: They Enemy Within, (8/08)
  • Sudden Strike 4, (08/11)
  • Sonic Mania, (08/15)
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (08/23)
  • Resident Evil Revelations (08/29)

These are some of the titles that will be released on PS4 this August. What did you think of me? What games are you expecting soon in this console?

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