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The Mythical Super SU disappears from the Google Play Store

It may not be used so much now and has been deprecated, at least for a large majority of users, but the ROOT on Android contributed to our system reaching maturity. A good amount of options that Google now incorporates as standard began its journey as additives only accessible to ROOT users. With an app that worked as a "nightclub porter: Super SU.

The famous application of Chainfire It was the essential tool in all rooted mobile. As when doing ROOT we opened the door to the bowels of the system to any application that wanted to modify it, Super SU exercised its supervision warning of access to the root of Android. It was the first of its kind, not the only one. And now, after Chainfire abandoned its development by selling it to a private company, Super SU disappears from the Google Play Store.

Super SU was abandoned and did not meet the latest Google requirements

The legendary Super SU disappears from the Google Play Store

The Play Store tightened the requirements to developers in August forcing its apps were compatible with the latest Android 8 Oreo libraries. Since Super SU had not been updated for over a year, and that the company that bought the application, CCMT, it showed no signs of continuing with its development, surely Google has proceeded to remove it from the Android store.

We do not know the exact reasons since none of the social networks related to Super SU show the slightest activity for a year. This indicates the abandonment of the application by the company that acquired it after leaving it Chainfire. Although yes, the paid version of Super SU remains active although it is not updated either.

The deterioration of Super SU, once the bastion of ROOT access, is a sign of the declining interest caused by the advanced modification of Android. Not only that, it has also become obsolete before Magisk, a much more comfortable and secure way to have ROOT safely and versatile. The disappearance of Super SU not only highlights the huge evolution of Android, also the deterioration of an application when its main developer decides to leave the ship.

Anyway, the time was left when the first thing you were looking for after rooting your mobile was install the Super SU application. It does not mean that now it is worse since Magisk it provides everything necessary to securely manage administrator access, but it is a sign that an era has ended. Thank you so much, Super SU.