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The hen of the golden eggs of Facebook

  • SegnZariance, the social network Facebook has more than five million advertisers

  • On the other hand, on Instagram up to seven in 10 posts are branded

  • WhatsApp Business has more than three million customers worldwide

Within the social media segment, brands have so many options at their disposal that they can choose precisely the one that best suits their business objectives. To carry out long-term strategies, Facebook ads They are a valuable strategy for companies. YouTube, meanwhile, is an innovation center for audiovisual materials. At the same time, Twitter has become a platform for you to compare get on the trend.

Of course, each social network has its disadvantages. AZCentral He points out that being on Facebook, because of its popularity, means that there will be many rivals with which it competes for the attention of consumers. Burkhart notes that YouTube, due to its controversies of toxic content and brand security, has gained an unprofessional reputation. In the case of Twitter, according to IM Consultant Services, fake and spam accounts are an annoying limitation.

In the case of Instagram, it is no different. Mike Marko He believes that, on this platform owned by Facebook, there is a high rate of interaction with consumers. It also allows brands to respond quickly. However, among its main limitations is its focus on photographic and audiovisual materials, which ignores other interesting types of content. But that has not prevented his Stories from becoming a goldmine.

Instagram Stories: Facebook's golden egg hen

A report by Socialbakersrevel the main sources of advertising revenue for the giant Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook has several sources of money, including its main social network and projects such as Portal and WhatsApp Business. But Instagram has quickly become your most important bet. Especially when it is considered that, during 2019, 10 percent of their advertising profits came from their Stories.

Related Notes

At the end of the third quarter, one in 10 dollars charged by Zuckerberg for advertising was generated by Instagram Stories. According to Socialbakers, this represents an increase of 70 percent compared to the figure registered for 2018. Part of the attractiveness of this function is that these contents are consumed by 500 million daily users. At the same time, only 0.3 percent of the corporation's money flow comes from Facebook Stories.

Capitalization Opportunity

Ephemeral content became very popular in marketing, not only within Facebook itself. Several agents point out that these types of projects help brands to have a superior interaction with people. It has also been placed as one of the larger trends within the market by 2020. For this same reason, also platforms in the style of Snapchat and TikTok are consolidated as very popular rivals against Instagram.

It is true that Instagram has long been one of the most important sources of income for Facebook. That is why he has invested so much money in improving the attractiveness of the platform for advertisers. In this sense, it is not something new that Zuckerberg takes advantage of the most visual experience of this platform for its commercial goals. But the popularity of the Stories opens up the conglomerate an opportunity to capitalize on the interest of the brands.

Brands have already been convinced to invest in Instagram Stories, that is clear from the Facebook earnings reported by Socialbakers. What you should follow is to present new specific tools for this function. Projects that help companies give consumers a more interesting and valuable experience. In this way, an added value can be added to this space. And, of course, further promote its growth.