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The Galaxy Fold will launch in Spain on October 18

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Almost two weeks ago that the Galaxy Fold was officially launched in three markets in Europe (Germany, France and United Kingdom). A major release, after the many delays that Samsung's folding phone has suffered. The Korean brand itself revealed that this phone would be launched in Spain in mid-October officially.

Although the launch of this Galaxy Fold to the market is not without problems, in Spain this launch is expected with great interest. It seems that there would already be a release date for Spain, which has been revealed in this case by Orange.

At least it seems that with Orange, It will be possible to buy this Galaxy Fold from October 18. The operator's magazine shows the Samsung folding phone, with this release date. So in just over two weeks it would be possible to have this phone officially.

Galaxy Fold

For now It is the only operator that has revealed any information About the launch of this phone. Samsung already said in their day that they were going to communicate the exact launch date of the phone in Spain soon, so there may be more news within a few days.

In any case, it seems clear that it should be in a couple of weeks when this Galaxy Fold launches. Samsung already said the phone would arrive in Spain in mid-October, so it seems a logical date in this regard. Although we will have to wait for an official confirmation.

What we do not know is whether the prices of the Galaxy Fold will be the same as in the rest of Europe. At its launch in these markets, the phone costs 2,000 euros in its normal version and the version with 5G has a cost of 2,100 euros. These prices are probably maintained also in Spain.

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