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The best applications to record your mobile screen

Making a screenshot is something as usual and simple as it is enough to press the power button and the volume button to perform them; with exceptions for some mobiles where there is variation of these buttons. But what if you want to record your mobile screen to create a video of how you use an application, for example? This is no longer so simple.

There are mobiles that already include the possibility of recording the screen among their options. Although the vast majority need a separate application that performs the magic. In general, most phones are compatible with screen recording, so you just have to choose the app that best suits your needs.

Something generic that we must review is that always You will get a warning when an application wants to record what happens on your screen. You must accept it whenever you use a secure application, such as the ones we propose below. They are our favorites, the ones we always use when we have to analyze any phone and we have to make a video review of the applications that it has installed.

Rec. (Screen Recorder)

The best applications to record your mobile screen

It is an application with a lot of tradition in Android since it has been in the Google Play Store for a few years. Its operation is simple and similar to other applications: press record and REC will record what happens on the screen on video. It has bitrate settings to improve quality, it also offers different resolutions. You can even record the sound along with the video.

REC is the best result, but it suffers from certain compatibility problems. If it doesn't work for you, you have more options below.


The best applications to record your mobile screen

It is one of the most used and usually recommended for the task we want to perform. Mobizen It works great on recordings, it also allows you to take screenshots from the same bubble interface.

Easy to use, just click on the floating bubble for the application to register the screen, the recordings are of a quality more than acceptable … Although it has an inconvenience, too much publicity and pressure to acquire the premium version.

DU Recorder

The best applications to record your mobile screen

This is another great recommendation when it comes to record mobile screen: besides making it simple, DU Recorder Offers tools added to simple recording. For example, we can not only capture the screen on video, it is also possible to edit the recordings, create Gifs and something very useful for those who usually play on the smartphone: with DU Recorder they can broadcast your games live.

DU Recorder It is the most complete and extensive application of the three. This is an advantage if you are looking for added options, but it can become inconvenient if all you want is to record the screen. Even so, this option does not involve any complications: select it from the drop-down bubble and you're done.

We must emphasize the fact that applications are not always going to work for you since screen recording depends on how Android has implemented the manufacturer of your phone. Even so, the safest thing is that one of these three works for you, but all of them. For us they are the most recommended.