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The bandit, new legendary Clash Royale card. Ms letters and new arena.

The battle of clans and balance changes are not the only novelties of Clash Royale, 4 new cards and a new legendary arena will appear.

Yesterday we talked about the new game mode that SUPERCELL will insert in Clash Royale starting next March 24. Today we know all the news that the update will bring. The first one is that there will be 4 new cards: Two of them will be legendary cards; And a new arena.

When the update is available there will be 11 arenas. The legendary arena will become sand 11 and to enter it you will have to have more than 3,800 cups. Arena 10 will be called Montepuerco Arena and will continue to be above 3,000 cups.

What changes with the new legendary arena?

Legendary Arena Clash Royale

Now it will be more difficult to reach Legendary Arena. The cups go from 3,000 to 3,800, so so that legendary letters appear in the store you will have to have many more cups. Chests you get in legendary arena will have more cards.

For each victory you will take 22 gold coins, two more than today. Not a big change, but hey, you will be welcome. The cards you will find if you are able to reach the new Legendary Arena will be the following:

  • Free chest: 13 cards
  • Silver Chest: 13 cards
  • Gold Chest: 41 cards
  • Crowns Chest: 82 cards
  • Magic Chest: 123 cards
  • Giant Chest: 328 cards
  • Super Magic Chest: 738 cards

Donations and requests to the clan will be the same: you can ask for 40 common or 4 special letters and donate 8 common and 1 special.

New cards in Clash Royale

new Clash Royale cards

The surprise of the update is in the new letters. It will be 4; of which two of them will be legendary cards. For now we only know the departure date of one of them, The bandit, which will be available from March 24 and will even have a special event to get you it.

Let's review the four new cards and explain what we know about them so far.


Clash Royale bats

The first of the cards are the Bats, a common card that will cost two of elixir and with which we will put 4 units in the sand. Four units that have the same life points as the damage they do, move very fast and attack every second.

Its objectives are both aerial and ground. They are a kind of minions with lower cost of elixir but also less life so it will be easy to get rid of them with a discharge and even with the explosion of the ice golem.