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The 4K laptop you are looking for will find it in this list

If you are thinking of buying a laptop 4K with an incredible screen, you would like to find out beforehand which are the best sold right now. We have reviewed hundreds of laptops and spent thousands of hours looking at their screens to gather them in this article. We already anticipate that our favorite is the Dell XPS 13 (we also love the Dell XPS 15), but we also have other options, in case this brand does not fit you.

Dell XPS 13 2019

4K laptop

Why you should buy it: The XPS 13 is an excellent notebook in every way and looks amazing with a 4K panel.

For who it is: Anyone but the players.

The XPS 13 is our favorite notebook, so perhaps it is no surprise that your 4K option tops the list of our favorite 4K laptops as well. The last version goes beyond everything we've seen before, after moving the webcam back to the top, trimming the bezels and the chassis even more, and offers some of the best technical features that can be obtained right now at the size of 13 inches (although here are some other options).

The 4K model with Intel Core i7-10710U of six tenth generation cores, 16 GB of RAM and a terabyte of solid state storage offers leading performance in its class, but there are a number of alternatives with fewer hardware options. Whichever option you choose, the 4K touch screen looks great, even in bright offices and outdoors, thanks to its 366 nits of brightness. It has a great contrast, support for a wide range of colors (although not as wide as others on our list) and a better color accuracy than most laptops in this segment.

The only warning to all this is that the 4K screen demands more from the battery, so it is necessary to sacrifice a little the longevity of the XPS 13 to upgrade it to 4K.

Dell XPS 15

4k dell xps 9570 review full 720x720 laptop

Why you should buy it: It is the XPS 13 but with more amplitude to enjoy that beautiful 4K screen.

For who it is: Anyone who wants more size than a 13-inch notebook.

Bigger and more capable, but a little less portable than its younger sister, the XPS 15 ranks first on our list of the best 15-inch laptops and the 4K configuration is one of our favorites. You will get a cheaper price and a better battery life with the 1080p option, but if you are looking for a 4K experience, the XPS 15 gives you one of the best.

The last version no longer comes with the bad placement of the webcam at the base of the screen bezels, which is a welcome change. It has a solid performance thanks to the powerful Intel Core i7 and i9 CPU of 9 generation, up to 32 GB of memory and an Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics chip to offer decent basic gaming capabilities and a solid performance of creative applications. The optional 4K OLED screen means that you are getting one of the best screens on the market in terms of contrast, precise colors and incredible brightness.

Although not as elegant as some of the new updates to the XPS laptop, this XPS 15 is still great to see and use and is one of our favorite 4K laptops available now.