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The 2020 iPhone line feature slightly larger batteries

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<p>According to the sources collected by the Korean website The Elec, the new generation models of iPhone 2020 will have a slightly larger battery thanks to Apple implementing <strong>a 50% smaller and finer battery protection circuit</strong> than in the current iPhone.</p><div class='code-block code-block-2' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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This smaller module allows the company of the bitten apple to free up a little more space between the internal hardware in the models iPhone 12, in such a way that they will have the possibility of including larger batteries and, therefore, with a greater capacity.

The battery protection circuit is a module that helps prevent problems such as battery overload or over-discharge. The company ITM Semiconductor It has developed a new module that combines the protection circuit with a PCB and a MOSFET, thus eliminating the need to add a protective housing.

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The iPhone 12 will have a longer battery life than the iPhone 11

Apple is expected to launch four new models of iPhone with OLED display in 2020. We will talk about a model with a 5’4 inch screen, two models with a 6’1 inch screen, and a model with a 6’7 inch screen . The line of 2020 iPhone It will have 5G connectivity and a camera system with 3D sensors.

So far, the iPhone 11 Pro Max It is the iPhone with the longest battery life in history, with an autonomy of 5 hours longer than the current iPhone XS Max. The implementation of a larger battery allows the signature of the bitten apple logo to gradually improve the battery level of its devices. But we can’t expect big changes, just a few more hours. What do you think about this news?