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Sony introduces the 2 2 OCL camera system, enhancing the focus »ERdC

Sony introduces the 2 2 OCL camera system, enhancing the focus

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Camera sensors, especially those with small pixels due to physical space limitations, like smart phones, have a micro lens array on the chip to help guide all the light that reaches the sensor photodiode. At this time, each pxel has its own lens. However now Sony has developed a way for four adjacent pixels share the same lens. In comparison with the previous technology, the cameras aim to be up to twice as accurate when they look for the focus point. This Sony system comes under the name of 2 2 solution on chip (OCL). The technology has just been revealed for future mobile image sensors.

New 2 2 chip system (OCL) from Sony for mobile cameras

When it first revealed the mobile camera technology 2 2 OCL, Sony described it as follows: “The 2-2 on-chip (OCL) lens solution is a new image sensor technology to achieve a high speed, high resolution, high sensitivity and high dynamic range approach. ”. Where the best Sony Quad Bayer sensors had a chip lens for each individual pixel, this new solution uses one chip lens for each set of four adjacent pixels.

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Remarkable enhance the automatic focus on our smartphone cameras

The main advantage of this design configuration Be the improved performance of autofocus. On paper, this is something that It will be especially noticeable in the dark. The system PDAF (Auto Focus Phase Detection) is based on focus pixels whose output is not part of the final image, which means they must be spaced apart. The above brings as a negative consequence a reduction in coverage.

    • Sony 2 x 2 OCL sensor:

With the 2 2 system on OCL chip, All pixels can be used as part of the focus detection system. This also solves a related problem that causes low horizontal details to adversely affect the performance of the AF system.

We will see it from the second half of 2020

As for what is about consumers, It is not something we should expect to see it very soon. The 2 x 2 chip (OCL) lens solution is something that was just revealed a few days ago. Sony did not specify where this new technology will be launched first. It is not likely that we will see this at the beginning of next year. However, it won't be a bad bet to see it in the telephone chambers of the second half of 2020.


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