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Sons of the Forest, sequel to The Forest of Endnight is announced

Sons of the Forest, sequel to The Forest of Endnight is announced – TecNoticias, your information portal

The popular survival horror game is getting an interesting sequel.

Endnight Games " The forest It was a survival game in the background, but it employed large amounts of horror and a deep narrative. It seems that the developer is eager to revisit that particular brand of creepy. In The Game Awards, a trailer of its sequel was revealed, Children of the forest, which seems to have more weapons and cooperation. Check it below.

Although there is not much to determine from the trailer, similar deformed individuals are wandering around. Could the sequel return to the same island or visit a similar location that could be linked to the first game? Whatever the case, it seems to have nailed the same atmosphere.

It remains to be seen if we will have the same level of survival and elaboration elements, as well as if the sequel will enter early access. Children of the forest It has no announced platforms, although the PC seems a fact and has no release date. Stay tuned for more details. Be a long wait.

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