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Snapchat launches Cameo, an easy way to do 'deepfakes'

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<p>And what is a ?deepfake?? You wonder. Basically it is a process in which a person's face is cut and edited to transfer it to another image. Through this technique you can put a person's face on a sticker, on a GIF, and even on the image of another person. The possibilities are endless.</p>
<p>And after the success of applications like FaceApp, from <strong>Snapchat</strong> They wanted to take advantage of the ?deepfake? pull to introduce a new feature in their application for iPhone and Android smartphones. We talk about <strong>Cameo</strong>, the function capable of moving your face to a fun customizable GIF.</p>
<p>Cameo arrive on Snapchat from December 18. This is all you need to know about the new feature to create ?deepfakes? in the app.</p>
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<h2>How Cameo works</h2>
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To use the new Snapchat feature, users will first have to take a selfie in the application. Then, they will have the possibility to select one of the 150 video clips that Snapchat developers have created to place their face in fun dynamic images.

Among the different video clips we will find birthday, animal, people, places and even space animations.

In this tweet you can see a video about how Cameo works on Snapchat:

Download Snapchat

You can get the application completely free from here:

As we mentioned previously, Snapchat launch its Cameo function on the day Dec. 18 globally on both iOS and Android. What do you think about this new function of the Snapchat application? Do you usually use it or do you prefer other apps? We wait for you in the comments section and on social networks.