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Sega will release mini console in September

There is no doubt that retro jams will go out of style and that we can see in the next mini console that Sega will launch in September.

After the resounding success that Nintendo has had with its classic mini consoles, Sega is willing not to be left behind and completely give us all the nostalgia caused by the memory of classic consoles.

Now it is not only Nintendo who reminds us of that great little of yesteryear but also the retro consoles Atari Flashback and SEGA Genesis Flashback will join with which we will surely relive old and memorable times.

The retro consoles Atari Flashback and SEGA Genesis Flashback will contain various elements that will be for sale and among which the following stand out: HDMI outputs, wireless controls, among others that depend on the type of console acquired.

Atari Flashback Portable Game Player will go on sale on September 1 and with a suggested price of $ 59.99, which will contain a catalog with an average of approximately 70 games among which will be those that are considered classic and favorite for users , the newest thing is that now the device can be carried everywhere with the possibility of connecting it to the television so that if you can enjoy the classic nostalgia.

But without a doubt the one that would make us scream with excitement to be the SEGA Genesis Flashback, which will be available from September 22 for the comeback amount of 79.99 dollars and from which we can expect more than 80 titles of great games, between which and surely the users favorite is Mortal Kombat and Sonic.

We will relive the excitement caused by these great classic games.

We would like to know your opinion.

Will you play the classic games again?

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