Respond faster with WhatsApp thanks to its latest update

Respond faster with WhatsApp and its latest update

Little by little the WhatsApp application on Android Not only was it gaining millions of users, it also climbed positions in the messaging to become an "all-in-one" of communication. Its developers, with Facebook breathing them in the back of the neck, keep constant updates offering new options to their developers. First in the beta, as it happens on this last occasion: the quickly answers.

WhatsApp on iOS had an option that we missed on Android: the gesture of slide over a message to automatically write an answer. It may seem trivial, but this possibility greatly simplifies the use of responses: not only because it saves steps, but also because it makes it easier to respond in very large groups.

Do you want to use the answers with swapped in WhatsApp? They are already active and we have tried them, you can too.

WhatsApp updates its beta on Android bringing the swipe gesture to respond

Respond faster with WhatsApp thanks to its latest update

It is a simple gesture, a tremendously intuitive action with which, once you get used to it, you find it impossible to use the classic way of responding again (using the message menu). As you can see in the video above, just slide any text from another person so WhatsApp lets us respond saving intermediate steps.

To use the new WhatsApp response gesture you need to have the latest beta of the Android application: the number 2.18,300. Below we leave the direct link to the Apk just in case you were not aimed at the beta of the app on Google Play. For the rest, you only need to do the following to respond with a swipe:

  • Enter any conversation once you have updated your WhatsApp. The gesture is valid for both private chats and group conversations.
  • Choose the message you want to answer directly. You no longer need to click on that message, open the top menu and click on the reply icon.
  • Slide the message from left to right to activate the quick response.

The functionality is identical to what Telegram has already implemented in its application; with the difference that the sliding works in the opposite direction. For the rest, it is a small utility that is appreciated. Do you want it on your Android? If you are not in the WhatsApp betas group you can download the latest Apk from UpToDown.