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Remove the desktop cleaning wizard from Windows 7

The Desktop Cleaning Wizard is a utility that is included with all versions of Windows 7 and is designed to help you keep your desktop clean and tidy. The utility does this by recommending the removal of old, outdated and currently unused files and shortcuts on your desktop. If you find the Desktop Cleaning Wizard annoying, you can remove it by editing a group policy.

The desktop cleaning assistant

The Desktop Cleaning Wizard is one of those well-intentioned but annoying features that Microsoft incorporates in Windows 7. It is one of those features that is not really useful because if a user wants to clean the desktop, he only does it manually. moving shortcuts and files to the Recycle Bin. Do people really need help cleaning their desks?

The most frustrating aspect of the Desktop Cleaning Assistant is the false positives it creates. Apparently, the icons are considered old and outdated by the wizard in relation to how often other icons and files are used on the desktop.

The result is an automated process that requires too much intervention to be considered automatic. Fortunately, you can remove the Desktop Cleaning Wizard so that it never appears using the Local Group Policy Editor to change the value of a single variable.

Removing the desktop cleaning wizard

Honestly, you will not delete the assistant from the computer; You are simply preventing the assistant from appearing again.

Start by logging into Windows 7 with an account that has administrative privileges. Click on Start> Run, scribe gpedit.msc in the dialog box Run and click on the button To accept . If you don't have the command Run in the menu Start, press and hold the Windows on your keyboard and press the key R.

Now he should be looking at the Local Group Policy Editor . In the left panel, open User Configuration> Administrative Templates> Desktop . Be sure to click on the folder Desk in instead of expanding it.

In the right pane, locate and double-click an entry labeled Remove the Desktop Cleaning Wizard .

Now you should be looking at the window Remove the Desktop Cleaning Wizard . If no one has changed this setting before, the current status should be Not configured . Click on the option Enabled, click on the button To accept and ready. Note that when selecting Enabled, you are actually disabling the wizard, not enabling it. This is because the configuration is written in negative.