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Radar Zapper HD, the Best Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčCamera App, now for iPad

We recently tested Radar Zapper for iPhone, an application for driving safety that promises to be a real revolution when it comes to radar warning. The developers should have some reason because the application has even been highlighted by Apple. According to us, they have had a large number of inquiries requesting a iPad specific version, and it seems that they have heard these requests, and now they present Radar Zapper HD. Let's see how he behaves on the road!

Radar Zapper HD for iPad

Announced as the only app on the market that hardly consumes a battery in the background, this application promises some characteristics that are far ahead of those of the competition. The first thing that surprises when starting the application for the first time is that it is updated automatically, and that the system includes weekly updates of the database, so that we will always have updated all the radars and points of interest. In addition, at this point the application is the most complete we've seen, since it includes up to 8 types of warning: Fixed, mobile, tunnel, section, black points, dangerous curves, black points and controls.

In addition, the database includes all of Europe. It is such a huge database that the application includes a screen to select the country through which we circulate. Great!

In operation we highlight the how quickly the system works, warning at all times by voice of the points of interest that we find on the road. The warnings include radar distance and everything is configurable, that is, we can omit the types of radars or points of interest that we do not want through a simple and powerful filter system.

But where the application really stands out from the rest is when it works in the background. The developers have devised an ingenious system that warns of radars using notifications with the screen locked (like when we receive a Whatsapp) so that the application practically does not consume battery in this way. In our tests, we leave the app running all night and notice 5% of total consumption (with wifi and cell phone activated) with which we can ensure that this feature is true.

On the other hand, this system is perfect for integrate with market browsers like TomTom and Sigyc, since they do not interfere in these apps at all and provides the extra information we need to drive safely.

In summary, Radar Zapper HD is, without a doubt, the best speed camera application we can find for our iPad. Highly recommended!

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