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Panacom SP 3429 WM: a speaker to entertain parties and do karaoke

Includes a wireless microphone, tablet stand, led lights and Bluetooth sync Source: LA NACION

In recent years, the offers of enhanced audio towers that are projected as transportable solutions to encourage meetings and celebrations at home have multiplied. It is only enough to enter some local of sale of electrodomsticos to observe the varied offer between the products of leading brands and other alternatives that, for their price, constitute an interesting proposal for those who want to get a good team without paying much money.

One of these teams is the wide range that the Panacom firm has on the market, which offers from portable speakers to power towers of different sizes and options. Within the offer of the brand, we tested the SP 3429 WM tower that stands out for its portability and its functions for karaoke.

A superport tower

Most of these teams have a counter that does not go unnoticed: depending on their size, they may not be as portable as we need. In fact we have tested other towers that exceed the fifty meter and, being such robust and heavy equipment, it becomes almost impossible to transport them.

On the contrary, the SP 3429 WM is an option designed to be loaded on the back of the car without the least effort and go with the music elsewhere. It measures only 86 centimeters high and weighs 15 kilos. In addition, for transportation, it has two handles on the top and also two wheels to be carried carry type that communicates very well with an extendable handle, just like the ones we see in the suitcases.

The portability is completed with a 4500mAh rechargeable battery (which lasts three and a half hours) that gives it independence from the electrical network. For charging, it includes a 12V transformer that connects to the top of the equipment, something that can be inconvenient due to the arrangement of the input; It would have been better if it was located behind the tower.

A pure karaoke

Although the reproduction of content is one of the logical options of the product, it focuses its experience on the possibility of doing karaoke. This is clear when observing the support for tablets that includes in its upper part, ideal to follow the lyrics of the songs.

The first thing we see when we unpack the product is a wireless microphone that can be synchronized with the equipment. In addition, for this issue, we will also find at the top two plug inputs to connect two extra microphones wired.

To control the volume of the microphones, we will find a blue backlit knob that even has the same size as the knob that controls the volume of the music. Also the "echo" option, from which we can graduate and give more relevance to the microphones over the music we are playing.

To complete the controls at the top, you can adjust the bass and treble; In the same place is the knob to turn on the speaker and another to enable the set of LED lights that will surely make the party more lively.

The team has two 8 "speakers for bass and middle and another 3" for treble. As for the inputs, the options are as varied: we have an auxiliary input of 3.5 mm, USB port and memory card reader and, of course, the possibility of synchronizing phones, computers and tablets via Bluetooth.

The SP 3429 WM announces a 50W RMS power (45W + 5W) and this, perhaps, is the only critical weight we can do: the sound sounds somewhat off as if it lacks treble.

Of course, since it is an accessible product ($ 12,499), this last point is understandable; especially considering that this is what it costs approximately a waterproof speaker that we can carry in the palm of the hand.

Panacom SP 2429 WM is sold by Panacom ( and also in Garbarino, Fravega and Ribeiro.