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Offer to buy Apple AirPods at a great discount on Amazon

One of the most attractive headphones that exist today, especially as it relates to independent wireless models, are the Apple AirPods. If you want to get them as a possible Christmas gift now is a good time since you can get them with a great offer.

Luckily, the model that is being promoted in the Amazon store is the most current that offers the company of Cupertino and, of course, the color that it has is the characteristic white of the signature of the bitten apple. In addition, it does not lack access to the assistant Siri voice, since a chip (called H1) is included to achieve this efficiently and this also ensures that its compatibility is perfect with Apple's mobile devices – such as iPad and iPhone.

Bugs between Apple AirPods and Mac? So you can solve them

This model offers advanced charging options, as it offers the possibility of using the Lightning port of the Cupertino company, so the compatibility is excellent. But, in addition, this version of the Apple AirPods allows the use of wireless processes compatible with Qi. In what you have with the autonomous, for the battery that includes the headphones and the case included, the usage time reaches 24 hours, so we talk about a very good brand that places you among the best in the market.

Apple AirPods headphones with case

Details that are important in Apple AirPods

With a really simple configuration and installation process, with management options that can be set for iPhone, the use of the Apple headphones we are talking about is really comfortable, since each of the elements included weigh only four grams. In addition, so that the adjustment in the use is the best possible, different sensors such as two peaks and an accelerometer that detects the movement that is performed.

Being the last version of Apple AirPods is not lacking water protection, which ensures that sweat does not run any of the pieces that are integrated. In addition, the noise cancellation It is present, which allows the user to be isolated from outside – in different degrees that are controlled from the smarphone – and, in this way, that is annoying when you want to be attentive to a series or when listening to music.

"Apple "Apple

Buy these headphones with a good offer

If this is the technological accessory that you want to buy at Christmas, now on Amazon there is a promotion for which you can save almost 42 euros, since the Apple AirPods has a 18% discount, an amount that is not exactly usual in the product of the Cupertino company. Then we leave the link from the online store where it is possible to buy Apple AirPods that use Bluetooth technology: