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Nintendo Switch increases its sales

Nintendo switch is improving in terms of sales, since it has a little more than 4.7 million consoles sold around the world and best of all, it is incredibly depleted each of its consoles the day of its launch.

The goal of Nintendo Switch is to reach the incredible goal of 10 million consoles and 35 million games sold before the end of the year, but as they will surely devastate sales.

On the other hand, the sale of their games is on track, Mario Kart 8 being the most desired by its users and which reached the figure of 3.54 million games sold, another that is in the list of preferred video games is ARMS With the extraordinary amount of 1.18 million games, last but not least, is the famous The Legend of Zelda with 1.16 million games sold.

Apparently Nintendo is on track with respect to its Switch console and its three famous games.