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News of the Week: new AirPods, Google Stadia and the Huawei P30 is coming

The new AirPods are finally here. They were not expected at this time, but Apple gave us the surprise of new headphones, while Google definitely jumped into the world of video games with a service of streaming. And, since the news could not be missing, Facebook did it again: it put your security at risk once again.

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New AirPods; Apple event in sight and almost …


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The AirPods appeared by surprise in an ad without much hype or saucer. The reason? They do not mean a big change in relation to the Galaxy Buds, for example, nor with the AirPods of two years ago. They keep the same shape, and Apple has basically launched a new box that has an LED light and wireless charging.

Of course, now you have the option to buy the old AirPods, only the box with wireless charging, or the new AirPods – which also offer more time in hours of calls, according to Apple, for the medical price of US $ 199. Read the differences here with the old version, so you know if it's worth it.


Google Stadia will launch this year.

James Martin / CNET

Google Stadia, the new video game service of streaming Alphabet's company, which basically promises that you will be able to play through the Chrome browser, it doesn't matter on the device you are on. The idea is that everything happens through YouTube, which increasingly becomes a more important platform, as well as the search service itself.

And then there is Facebook, which again screwed up. The company said this week in a blog post that it kept the passwords of millions of users unencrypted for years. Yes, years. Technically, Facebook says, nobody had access to that information, although This is not the first time that the social network is in doubt.

And next week we will have everything. Apple possibly present its streaming service, from which we expect a lot of series and movies, and even a new news service is rumored. We will give you live coverage, so you shouldn't miss it.

On the other hand, we will also give live coverage to the launch event of the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro, which have already been completely filtered. We wait for these two phones with the colorful tones that the company has accustomed us, as well as a smart watch and who knows if even a AirPods type headphones.