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New Nintendo 2DS XL available in Mexico

The New Nintendo 2DS XL is a version that does not have 3D effects, but if something has to characterize the console is that all Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS games are fully compatible with the console, without neglecting which has interesting titles but above all entertaining.

Among the features that stand out from the console is the small lever C located on the top of the buttons which fulfills its second Joystick function depending on the game. The bottom screen provides us with an NFC reader, but what will surely attract your attention is its greater storage capacity.

New Nintendo 2DS XL is available only in two different colors, white with orange and classic, black with turquoise.

In the case that you decide to buy your console, it will be delivered with a 4GB SDHC card which will work as an external memory but you can also expand it without any problem, the console also contains a touch pen, 6 great augmented reality cards , adapted from the current and as in any good product, the user manuals cannot be missing.

If you are already more than decided to acquire it I share the price which is 149.99 dollars in the United States, while in Mexico you can get it from 4,999 pesos, price recommended by the official distributors.

Do not be discouraged because at Amazon as well as Liverpool you can buy it for a price of 4,049 pesos.

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