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Merge your mobile and your PC with the new Microsoft launcher

The conference of Microsoft last night unveiled a remarkable amount of hardware, all related to the Surface tablets. New devices, headphones … The company was involved in the development of news to surprise everyone who uses their products. And not only introduced new Surface, also some new software.

All about the new Microsoft Surface

The Windows 10 update from October 10, which can already be downloaded, includes greater compatibility with Android., to the joy of those who use both systems in their daily routine. In this way the application Your telephone, included in Windows 10, offers greater control of mobile phones with writing and reading of SMS included. Not only that, the Microsoft Launcher is updated ascending to the round version 5.

With Microsoft Launcher 5 The company continues with its strategy of settling on Android while taking advantage to establish a bridge between mobile and computer thanks to the tools included in the interface. With the most recent update the connection is noticeable: the expected Timeline It reaches Android phones.

Merge Android and Windows 10 with the new Timeline: everything you were doing in the form of a task view

Unify your experience in Windows 10 with the new Microsoft launcher

It is not one of the most used functions in Windows 10, but it does have a large legion of unconditional that appreciates the use of Timeline. The idea is that Windows records the applications that are used, the documents that are opened, the different jobs … so that later it is easy to locate something concrete since it is enough to go up to date and click on the desired event.

Are you one of those who appreciate the Timeline? Well, in addition to synchronizing with Windows devices, the Timeline will also synchronize with your Android mobile in case you have installed the Microsoft launcher. And it does it through the redesigned side section.

To access the new section just move the screen from right to left, just as we would in another launcher with the Google feed. Microsoft divides that screen into three different tabs: Glance, with everything you need to know about the day organized in vertical format; in the center the news section with all the customized update according to your tastes; and then there is the Timeline tab, in which you will have access to all the work and actions performed on your Windows and Microsoft Launcher devices. Of course, as long as you synchronize them with the same Microsoft account.

Unify your experience in Windows 10 with the new Microsoft launcher

Microsoft Launcher version 5 hits an important stretch with this update, so far in beta. Installing the launcher you will have access to a fast, quite light and agile interface; Personalized with Microsoft style. In addition, it opens the door to the mobile management from the computer thanks to the Your Phone application, included in Windows 10.

A great launcher that demonstrates the intentions of Microsoft within Android

Unify your experience in Windows 10 with the new Microsoft launcher

With update 5, and although it is still in beta, there is a notable improvement in performance with greater presence of Microsoft's own elements, as the aforementioned Timeline and also its news and all the recommended actions in Glance. Windows for mobile is already more dead than alive, but Android still reserves a remarkable future.

Little by little it has been established in the Google system based on porting its Office applications and creating exclusive apps for Android, as is the case of Microsoft launcher. Offer alternatives to those of the serial system, that is the strategy.