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Manage your Notes with Drafts for iPad

IPad Drafts is an application that allows us to write notes and share them quickly and easily. Although it was already quite complete, its latest update adds all a series of features that allow you to automate Workflow In this article we are going to explain how this is done, for those of you who are interested.

Manage your notes with Drafts for iPad

In recent times, we are seeing how some applications have realized that their users want to save time and automate certain tasks. For example, now Drafts allows us access all Dropbox space, being able to save our creations in any directory of the cloud.

From the configuration section, called Dropbox Action, we can create a pattern so that every time we create a new note,appear with the structureof said pattern. Thus, we can use a whole series of markers that will enter the associated information, such as dates with ((time)) or the complete note with ((draft)).

We can also send newly written text to other applications, by using URL Actions. This allows us to send a note to another app on our iPad, without the need for Drafts to even know its existence.

Moreover, these actions that we have programmed can share with other users. In this way, gradually the number of applications connected with Drafts become larger among all.

Finally, let's talk about the automation options. Now, we can launch the Drafts application, create a new note, launch a new action, wait for it to complete, and go back to where we were writing. All automatically if we have programmed it conveniently.

Do any of you use Draft for iPad? What do you think about these improvements?

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