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IPhone sales may have declined in China

iPhone sales

The word of the different market analysts It has always been relevant at the time of predictions, statements or everything that refers to technology. This occasion it's apple quin is among the proclamations of certain analysts who already they predict and mention that in China there is a drop in sales of the iPhone.

The rumors are affecting

First, it was an analyst at the financial analysis institution Rosenblatt Securities who, based on rumors about the iPhone 12 line in 2020, said that Apple plans to stop producing several batches of the new iPhone line, due to the euphoria that has caused the rumor that the next iPhone 12 family will arrive with 5G. Therefore, many users will have postponed the renewal of their equipment and Apple will have decided reduce the production of the iPhone 11 line up to 25% for the next two quarters.

Subsequently it is Credit Suisse analyst Matt Cabral who says that In November, shipments from Apple to China have decreased by 35.4%. Therefore, the new iPhone 11 line had a growth lag, allowing the 0.2% increase to other smart phones in the chinese market.

iphone sales in china

A problem for Apple?

This will be a problem for Apple, as they will be two consecutive months which has had a decline in that region, in October it had a -10.3% and this month of November it is -35.4%. And it is that for obvious reasons this impact would be directly to profitability of the product, because there is no production requirement means a reduction in sales.

But even when these types of statements are made by analysts always you have to take them with consideration Because the data is always volatile. At the moment neither Tim Cook, nor any representative of Apple have come out to express Some problem with Chinese market sales, so all this could be only assumptions or predictions far from reality.