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Incredible Clash Royale cards that never came out

We know some ideas from the team of game developers where he tells us how were the Clash Royale cards that did not come out.

The people of SUPERCELL tell us what Clash Royale cards they tried but decided not to include in the game, will they come out later?

Dark mirror

dark mirror

The first of the cards they tested to enter the game is the Dark mirror, a card that works just like the mirror but that doubles the last card the opponent has played. Currently you can include the mirror in your deck and it allows you to duplicate the last card played for a cost of 1 more elixir.

With the dark mirror you would have the possibility of playing cards that you don't have in your deck if your opponent has them, a card that would surely give a lot of play. According to the developers themselves, it was ruled out due to synchronization problems.

For example, the opponent throws an ice wizard and you want to double it, but when you hit the dark mirror, he has just thrown an ice spirit with which the card you are going to duplicate is the latter instead of the one you wanted. Something that could be solved with a small delay, for now the card is discarded but we would like to see it in the sand.

Elixir monster

Elixir monster

Another of the letters they tested was the Elixir monster, a giant drop of elixir that advanced slowly through the sand and divided in two when your enemy managed to kill her. So far nothing unusual since the Golem does exactly the same, the difference with it is that the two small drops of elixir were growing until they were the same size as the monster.

Another difference with the Golem is that if the mini drops grew and became a monster, they would acquire the same powers of the latter and when they managed to kill it, it would be divided again into two drops of elixir. A card that could fill the sand with elixir monsters if you couldn't kill the drops.

Of course, the drops when they are small have very little life and with a download, some arrows or a spin of the Valkyrie you could end them. I would have liked to see this type of card in action and be able to combine it with other tanks.

Butterfly spell

Butterfly spell

He butterfly spell it was another of the possible letters that they were going to add to Clash Royale but it did not get to convince the developers. Basically it was a letter to mislead the rival, you could throw it anywhere in the arena (such as the cemetery) and make the rival cards entertain with the small butterflies that would not do any harm.

It was not forgotten because it became the tornado, which does not mislead but catches the units for a while, and even on top of it, it hurts.