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Huawei P30: Less camera and less size than the Pro model – Video

This is the Juan today is thirty the telephone Trimble camera of Juan today that non hotelier four main sensors of Juan returns thirty pro and that has several specifications inferior to his older brother that could be disappointed.
Let's start at the beginning today I played thirty of a flat screen ol from the point a few inches more similar to what we saw in the galaxy S ten e and is not curved like that of the top model.
This makes the phone feel lighter in the hand and the cell phone is the same size as Juan today of twenty pro if you need a better reference.
The game and thirty active Ki processor nine hundred and eighty continue the war and one hundred and twenty eight gigabytes of storage.
His battery is three thousand six hundred and fifty thousand arteries and successor of Stela screen traces and no safe facial recognition.
This cell phone has a cord for traditional headphones and a double speaker.
But it has no water resistance, something that since the golease stay far behind the evil phones of this season there are three days older brother has no wireless or irreversible charge.
We talk about the camera has three main and only one front.
Its transmitters maintain several aspects as well as the portrait humor thanks to its Tele photo lens and the night image stabilization and the possibility of taking photos with a wide angle lens in addition to the three-segment optical zoom.
The front chamber of the decree is equal to that of his elder brother and thus is the only porous mode and several additional effects.
Juan has included in the Android phone Fish and the new interface is very not a tip one to cut the amount of steps you have to take to run some processes by reviewing more information Encinas dot com diagonal.