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How and where to watch the second season of You

You have been one of the most successful Netflix series this year, so it was expected to see a second season of the series soon in the Netflix catalog.

The series is based on a novel with the same name of Caroline Kepnes and saw the light for the first time on our screens on July 26, 2018. Since then, You have managed to hook us in an incredible way.

What are you about?

You tell the story of Joe, a young American who becomes obsessed in a rather sickly way with Beck, a woman who works in a bookstore in his neighborhood. Joe will use all kinds of technology to investigate and discover more things about the young woman, in a way that although initially it may seem normal, it ends up becoming a form of harassment that should not be tolerated.

When and where does the second season of You premiere?

As explained above, the series You premiere its first season in July 2018 on Netflix. Since then we have been waiting to know when we can see the second season of the series.

Netflix listened to our wishes confirming that next December 26 we could enjoy the second season of You on your platform

What do we know about the second season of You?

We know that Joe will have a new victim, represented this time by Victoria Pedretti. In addition, we can also see Robin Lord Taylor acting in the series whom you have already seen in the popular Gotham series.

We also found new actors in You like James Scully, who represents the brother of the new victim, or Jenna Ortega who we saw acting in Jane the Virgin playing the role of young Jane.

How to watch the second season of You?

To watch the second season of You, you will have to have a subscription on Netflix. If you don't want to have to pay for Netflix, you can if you want to watch You for free by using the free 30-day trial period offered by Netflix. Of course, remember to unsubscribe before the next month is charged.

On the other hand, we can affirm that a Netflix subscription It can be most practical, especially if you often enjoy series and movies often. The platform has a extensive series catalog and offers very competent prices with a wide variety of tools and privileges.