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Hearthstone: Deck Tier List (Standard) – Descent of Dragons – December 2019 (Season 69)

Hearthstone: Deck Tier List (Standard) – Descent of Dragons – December 2019 (Season 69) – TecNoticias, your information portal

Our list of Hearthstone levels contains a ranked review of the most competitive Hearthstone decks to play in the month of December 2019 (Season 69).

We are big fans of the individuality that Hearthstone's design brings, and the goal thrives when players build their own powerful decks. However, it is incredibly useful to have a template to start with, and that is where our List of deck levels comes into play. It is a useful starting point for those who begin in the construction of mallets, since you can discover what is fashionable or not before making your own small adjustments to adapt to the metagame. Our list of deck levels shows the best decks in order of winning percentage, but don't let that be the only thing you take from him!

So how have we developed our List of cover levels? Hearthstone's goal chimneys change all the time, and this page too. We have combined statistics collected from HSReplay, as well as our own experience playing with each deck. The decks are then sorted into levels, with the best deck with a gain rate of between 55 and 62%. Keep in mind that your specific profit rate may not necessarily match that of the overall average. If you see a deck that is further down our list of levels and you really enjoy playing it, you will become a better player than others who are using the best decks. It is not uncommon for off-target decks to win against those who strictly abide by the "best performance" decks, so don't be afraid to try some alternative offers and have fun with some specials under the radar.

As the metagame evolves, the list of levels presented in this article will too. As always, we believe that you will achieve a higher profit rate using mallets that you have played and enjoyed. While the statistics are accurate, do not take them as a gospel. Ultimately, there are usually only a couple of percentage points between the decks, and sometimes you can find a less than optimal deck that is fun to play and pretty good too. Don't let this list of levels give your creativity.

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