HarmonyOS reach more devices in 2020, but not phones ┬╗ERdC

HarmonyOS reach more devices in 2020, but not phones ┬╗ERdC

HarmonyOS reach more devices in 2020, but not phones

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In the middle of this year, in August, Huawei He made the official presentation of his so filtered and rumored operating system: HarmonyOS. The mentioned system arrived with a high load of expectation, being the one presumably will end for replacing Android on Huawe mobile devicesi. At that time, the company showed the new microkernel-based operating system running on the Honor Smart Screen, promoting that it has a better performance and greater security. At that time, the company also stated that Harmony OS will not reach smartphones and tablets from Huawei / Honor. The company confirmed that Android will remain the standard on these devices. It seems that Huawei wants to maintain its position in that matter, as it plans to launch Harmony OS to more products next year.

Huawei does not incorporate HarmonyOS in smartphones an

According to a recent report of Reuters, a spokesman for Huawei has revealed that the company plans to deliver Harmony OS to more products in your catalog during the next year 2020. However, the company an has no plans to integrate it to their phones, tablets or computers. The company's plans were first reported by the newspaper Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, which is backed by the government.

The newspaper cited comments made by Wang Vhenglu, chairman of the software division of the Huawei consumer group at a store event held in Shenzhen. Wang reiterated the company's position on HarmonyOS at the event and said that Huawei will prefer to keep Android on its own HarmonyOS on phones and tablets.

Huawei and Google services

It is worth noting that Huawei officially presented Harmony OS as an alternative to Google's Android after the commercial restrictions imposed on the company by the United States. Trade restrictions threaten cut the company's access to technology manufactured by US companies. Among these technologies is Google's Android compilation, which includes pre-installed company services.

At the moment in phones and tablets the company keeps Android as a single system. However, at Unable to access Google services they don't have access to the Google Play Store. To try to mitigate this, the company includes its own app store: App Gallery. However, this year's catalog is limited in comparison to the classic Android store.

While the company does not plan to send the operating system on its phones and tablets, Harmony OS is likely to appear on other smart devices such as smartwatches, smart speakers and others next year.


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