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Guide to the Hearthstone deck list: Combo Priest – Descent of Dragons – Hearthstone (December 2019)

Our guide from the Combo Priest decklist presents the best list of Decent of Dragons decks for season 69 of Hearthstone (December 2019). Our guide Priest Combo also contains Mulligan tips, card combos and strategy tips.

Combo Priest is a Hearthstone deck that has existed in one form or another for many years at this time, coming and going between several ways depending on what is popular in the last expansion. The version we will discuss here is the classic Divine spirit / / Inner fire combo, reinforced by High Priest Amet, the new legendary minion priest.

With this version of the deck, your goal is to increase the size of a single subject by increasing your health to a massive number with Divine spirit, and then your attack to match your health with Inner fire. Executed correctly, you will have a sbdito with attack power in both digits that can usually defeat your opponent directly and with a single blow.

In this edition of our guide Combo Priest, we highlight the most competitive version of the deck that is being played at the moment. We have also added a lot of Mulligan strategies and tips to help you pilot the deck in the best possible way. If this is still popular, we will continue to update this article!

UPDATE – December 2019

With the release of Descent of Dragons, we have a new version of Combo Priest to show you. High Priest Amet has brought this cover in the spotlight, as well as new cards like injured Tol'vir and Psychopomp Offering this archetype a fair few backup plans.

List of Combo Priests and strategy deck

Here is the version of Combo Priest that sees more play in the current stage of the Saviors of Uldum goal. We will update our recommendations as the goal evolves over time.

2 x Healing circle 2 x Tol'vir injured
1 x Silence 2 x Wild pyromantic
1 x Topsy Turvy 1 x Aclito of pain
2 x Inner fire 2 x Wounded Blade Master
2 x Northshire Cligo 1 x Stormwind Knight
2 x Power word: shield 2 x Neferset Ritualist
2 x Divine spirit 2 x Lightwarden
1 x Extra arms
1 x High Priest Amet
1 x Mass dissipation
2 x Psychopomp
1 x Bwonsamdi, the dead

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck to your game.

Cover import ID: AAECAa0GBqUJ + wzl9wLQ / gKnhwOppQMM + ALlBPYH1QjRCtIK8gz3DK + lA9KlA / 2nA4SoAwA =

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General strategy

Combo Priest is about building up to that point in a game when you have all the pieces you need to create a giant minion with a ridiculous attack value that can kill your opponent in a single blow. That is the ideal scenario, so to get there you want to play the game of slow and constant control by which Priest is known, while you draw through your deck to find the cards you need.

While the concept of the deck has remained the same among the expansions, some new cards from the Saviors of Uldum set have given it some more useful tools. High Priest Amet It is the clear star of the show, offering any person summoned next to him a health bonus for a huge 7. In addition to this, you have access to Psychopomp, a persistent guy who will revive your dead henchmen and give them to Reborn, something that will make them more sticky. Also excellent synergy with High Priest Amet You raise your health from 1 to 7 of a great.

Early game: Your first turns have to do with card theft and control. Try to organize a situation where you have Northshire Cligo on the board and I go out to draw cards with your Hero Power. You can polish your health with Power word: shield, Or even use a copy of the Divine spirit to give you survivability so you can start your card extraction engine if necessary. Wild pyromantic combined with many of your cheap spells it is a good way to keep control of the board as well, while damage to the area of ??effect can cause card extractions Aclito of pain.

Half of the game: Continue maintaining control of the board and going through your deck while heading to the middle game. If there is a chance of an early victory, take it. Opponents may not deal with their early Northshire Cligo, and after a couple of Power Word: Shields and Extra arms, you may be able to sneak into a Divine spirit/ /Inner fire combo to close the game early. Of course, this is not your main plan, but sometimes it works great: Murloc Paladin, for example, has very few ways to deal with a great minion if they don't draw Toxfin early.

Late game: At this point, you should have completed all the configuration and have all the cards you need to get the combo out. If you have a high health subject on board, bring it and if High Priest Amet It is serving you well, you can summon a lot of high-health henchmen that your opponent will have difficulty eliminating. Sand drudge you can get a 1 / 7s board quickly, and PsychopompThe revived and the reborn also benefit from this.

Stormwind Knight is present as a Load Subordinate can get a combo of too much, doubling their health and hitting the face of great damage. Anyway, hopefully you have enough in your arsenal to find a way to inflict lethal damage, either through the health benefits of Amet or your Reborn minions who recover over time. Topsy Turvy It is also in this deck, to make sure that you draw enough for this combo to work properly: a solid alternative to Inner fire For a finishing unit, the attack and health are exchanged instead of switching to one equal to the other.

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