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Gravity Ball, a puzzle game where you control gravity

Gravity Ball is a new puzzle game where you will control gravity to take the ball to the goal. Free, no ads and no in-app purchases.

After going on the hunt for new applications with which to equip my mobile I have come across a puzzle game that promised: Gravity ball. Controlling gravity is something that anyone has dreamed of, and this is just the mechanics of the game: we will have to manipulate gravity to take a ball across the stage. It seems easy to say, but …

Find the best way to steer the ball

Control gravity in Gravity Ball, a great puzzle game

Gravity Ball has some basic controls that are based on a virtual stick on the left and an action button on the right. With the first we move our ball; with the second we execute an action that will go from control gravity in a sense to jump with the ball. We must choose and have ability so that the ball does not rush into the void.

A portal will float at the other end of the screen inviting you to enter it to pass the level. The difficulty is not exaggerated at first, but it will be complicated as we overcome the screens. Very simple to play and with the obligation to activate intelligence and dexterity. All with graphics that, without scratching on the spectacular, remain at a very good level.

Control gravity in Gravity Ball, a great puzzle game

At the moment there are 5 levels available with more than 10 different screens in each one, including the first tutorial level. It is very entertaining and has enough quality to keep it as a good leisure option on our smartphone.

Free, no ads and no micropayments

Gravity ball It has no cost or obligation to play, at least for now. You can download it right now and control gravity as if you were the God of the universe. Even if you can only direct a humble ball …