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Google Maps add a new layer to show street lighting

Google Maps taxi notices

Google Maps is today, it will probably continue in the coming years, the best map service currently available in the market. Google knows it but does not settle for it, and continues to work on Add new features and useful information. Street lighting, especially if we are traveling, can be very useful.

As the guys from XDA Developers have discovered, Google is working on adding a new layer of information, a layer that will show us more and less illuminated streets, so that pedestrians can avoid them consciously when arriving at their destination and thus prevent possible safety problems.

With this feature, Google wants you to always let's stay in the brightest streets, a function that is certainly appreciated, especially when we are traveling in a city we do not know or when we are in a neighborhood that is unknown to us.

We do not know how Google can access this type of information, but most likely Not available on all city streets. When it is not available Google Maps will show us the message “No lighting information available”.

According to the lines of code found by the XDA Developers guys, this information will be displayed when we zoom in on the map. This function, which is currently at an early stage of development, will be available in certain countries and only in the most populated cities.

XDA suggests that India may be the first country where this function It is available, to help women in the country feel safer when traveling at night, and would gradually extend to more countries.

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