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Get new Android P design in your browser

After launching the first glimpse of what will be the new version of Android, it was also mentioned that several applications will be updated with new design to adapt more to the new operating system.

This design is called material design 2 and this is a more striking changes as it carries a design line in all applications, these really look good since they improve a lot to previous versions.

One of the lucky applications to have a new design is the official Google Chrome browser and there is a trick in which you can have this new design on any device with simple steps.

To have this incredible design, you should enter the application and place chrome: // flags in the search bar, once placed at the time of loading you will be sent to the application settings.

Once all debers have been placed where it says search flags- Modern and that is that once writing this you will see three options in which you should enable by selecting enable in all three.

Once this is finished, you will be asked to restart the application to apply the settings and voila, you will have the new Android P design on your device.