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Foldify, Create your Own Sculptures with this Fun App for iPad

Foldify It is a very fun iPad application with which You can create your own 3D figures by designing them from scratch. The application allows you to print your design on paper so that you can shape it with your hands. You will have a completely personal paper sculpture. In addition Foldify puts in your hands some templates so that you do not lack tools or ideas to create your figure. The application unites the peculiar world of ‘papercraft’ with our favorite tablet and with Airprint to get your cut-out templates.

Foldify, a fun iPad application with which you can create amazing paper sculptures in a few steps

Foldify generates art in the form of paper patterns so you can fold them and create your little figurine. Within the application itself you will find different templates with completely varied shapes so you can create cars, grimaces, trees, monsters, buses, etc.

Upon opening the application you will receive a fantastic tutorial with which you can start creating your figure quickly and easily. Choose a folding pattern and the screen will be divided in two to show you the 2D piece with all the indications of folding and on the other side the 3D.

Foldify puts at your disposal different textures and a large color palette so you paint your piece and you can give it the finish that you like the most. You can also choose a wide variety of body parts such as eyes, mouths, arms, mustaches, etc.

Foldify has a store within the application itself where you can purchase different packs that add items to your library to make it more complete. You will find some free, such as the navideo pack and other payment with new accessories and items.

Here is the video of Foldify for iPad:

Foldify It is a very different iPad application in which you can create your custom cut-out from scratch. The application allows you to save the piece on the reel of your iPad, send it by mail or even share it on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks to Airprint and a compatible printer, you can take out your craft papercraft ’on paper and start assembling the piece without going through a computer. At the same time that you create your cutout you can instantly visualize the piece in three dimensions and rotate it to your liking to verify that what you do is good. Foldify also includes some pieces already created on which you can make the modifications you want. We can only put a but and it is regarding the price of the application. Foldify is compatible with iPad 2 and later, the first generation iPad is out of the list. Do you have the application on your iPad ?, have you already made a fun piece? Show it to us!