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Detroit: Become Human now comes on PC through Epic Games Store

Detroit: Become Human now comes on PC through the Epic Games Store – TecNoticias, your information portal

Quantic Dream has released the third and last of its previous exclusive PlayStation games with Detroit: Become Human for PC. Available exclusively through the Epic Games Store, players can now experience the unique PS4 game from the French developer with visual fidelity never before seen on PC. You can buy Detroit: Become Human for only $ 39.99.

Originally launched in early 2018 for PlayStation 4 and marked the first and only Quantic Dream project for the current generation of consoles. As before, the game remained in the Sony game system with very little indication of that change. After all, the studio won critical and financial acclaim during the PS3 era with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Two other exclusive Sony.

Things changed dramatically earlier this year when the study announced that in the future, they will make cross-platform releases for their projects. Shortly thereafter, the developer announced a partnership with Epic by bringing all previous PlayStation exclusives to the PC through its Epic Games Store. The release continued in chronological order with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls in rapid succession.

Today, with Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream has now brought all its games to the PC. We love the adventure game that is already on the PS4 and we praise it for its impressive technical aspect and immersive narrative part. Being able to experience the almost futuristic story that AI becomes sensitive without leaving human emotions on the road on a completely new platform is a blessing for both the game and the genre. And if you are not sure if the game is to your liking, do not worry. There is also a free demo that allows you to play the first mission for free.

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