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"Apple's biggest contribution to humanity has been in the area of ​​health," Tim Cook makes it clear

Tim cook

Tim cook He has visited Japan and sat down to talk in an interview with Nikkei. In this interview, the CEO of Apple has left some answers more than interesting.

We all know that Apple has already left its mark on the history of technology companies, has marked a before and after in the mobile phone era, created the smartphone, and completely changed the way we live. But … they don't plan to stop ah. According to Tim Cook, they want their greatest contribution to be in the area of ??health. And they are not going astray.

"If you ask me what has been Apple's greatest contribution to humanity, it will be in the area of ??health care."

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The Apple Watch has already saved countless lives

Tim Cook refers, as it could not be otherwise, to the Apple Watch. The smart watch and its functions have managed to save the lives of many people. Virtually every week we see a new case in which the smartwatch saves someone's life.

"Only a few people have an electrocardiogram a year, a very small percentage of the population."

Apple CEO highlighted how the Apple Watch allows users Improve your quality of life and track more adequate and personalized health.

He also visited the first Apple Store outside the United States, the Ginza Apple Store:

And finally he took a walk through Seiko Advance, in the facilities where they paint the finish of their iPhone: